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Your driveway plays a big part in the appearance of your property including its perceived value.

It also takes a lot of wear and tear and can easily become stained or discoloured from tires and oil.

​Your driveway paving is porous, allowing moss, weeds and algae to quickly grow on the surface or between the joints of paving blocks.

Hiding the natural beauty and the appearance of the stone and weakening the stability of your driveway.

Occasionally, all a driveway requires is a deep clean using a pressure washer to remove stains, grime and dirt! We offer this service and advise on any further restoration or repair work where or if required.

Pressure Washing is a much cheaper alternative to a new drive, and can give the same results.

We all know how frustrating weeds can be, between your new paving, is the last place you want them to be. However, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a weed-free surface. If detritus is allowed to multiple on your surface, it is a game against time before weeds decide to spawn in full force. We are experienced in properly constructing your surface, which means that weeds will not grow through your block paving, they grow into it by accumulating in sand-filled joints or setting up base camp on accumulated detritus. Although, it is very difficult for weeds to grow through 200mm of pavement structures. We also offer a treatment that will increase the lifespan of your paving, to ensure that the quality will remain over time.

We offer only the highest standard of sealant for our clients as we understand that quality and consistency are essential parts in your new pathing. Our state of the art manufacturing plant employs measuring processes to ensure that the chemical mic is precisely the same on every branch we make. We recommend PERMASEAL PU which uses an aliphatic urethane pre-poly resin to provide high chemical resistance and flexibility.

At EliteDriveways we specialise in cleaning and taking care of block paved driveways.

  • Driveway treated with fungicidal wash which kills off weed, moss and helps remove lichen. 
  • Drive cleaned with a high powered pressure washer, which removes all weeds and moss from your drive.
  • When dry, re-sanding drive with a kiln dry sand to fill in between the joints of your block paving.
  • To finish double coated with block paving sealer to set the sand and help stop weeds and moss growing in between the joints.

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